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Photographs for color plates by:
Steven Tucker, New York
Araldo De Luca, Rome
John Morrison, Chicago
New York State Department of Historic Preservation.

Photographs for black and white plates by:
Dave Buchan, Vancouver B.C.
Stuart Davis, New York
Araldo De Luca, Rome
Foto A. Cartoni, Rome
Foto Studio Tritone, Rome
Michael Getoff, New York
Harry Gross, Eugene, Oregon
Istituto Grafico Tiberino, Rome
Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York
Nathan Rabin, New York
John D. Schiff, New York
Tazio Secchiaroli, Rome
Vivian Treves, New York
Steven Tucker, New York
Bernard J. Van Ingen, New York
Vinci Foto, Rome

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The Sayings of Chairman Malcolm, by Malcolm Forbes. Copyright © Forbes Inc. 1978. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.

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